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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Best OC Burgers at TK Burgers


Back in the day, my husband would spend his high school summer days working at TK Burgers on the Peninsula. It was one of the hottest dining destinations for teens to hang-out and grab lunch together. Over the years, TK Burgers has grown to have multiple locations in Huntington Beach and right down the street from us in Mission Viejo.


Whenever we find ourselves in Mission Viejo, we cannot resist stopping at TK Burgers for lunch. All of the TK Burgers restaurants are decorated the same with tchotchkes, stickers and old records covering the walls and ceilings.


The hip restaurant boasts much more than a festive dining destination for families, and has some of the best burgers in Orange County. My husband and I always get the same thing every time that we come – “The Big Bargain Special.” It comes with a juicy all-beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and a secret sauce inside of a freshly baked bun. The special comes with a large helping of french fries, and a soda is available at an extra cost.


Just for the kids, they have a “mini burger bargain special” that comes with a smaller burger and fries – the perfect amount of food for most kids. While my older kids keep it simple with cheeseburgers, my youngest cannot resist their grilled cheese. Guests can have it on bread, however, my son thinks it is the best on a burger bun. The grilled cheese comes with everything that the burger comes with, but my little guy always orders it plain (cheese and bun).


The next time that your family is in Mission Viejo, plan a visit to TK Burgers for lunch. It will fill your family up for the day, and will leave you eager to return for more.


TK Burgers is located at 24902 Chrisanta in Mission Viejo.

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