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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Celebrate Chocolate Week at Wood Ranch


During American Chocolate Week March 17-23, all Wood Ranch locations will be offering the Godiva Chocolate Martini, a brand new Wood Ranch Chocolate-Chili BBQ sauce, and a new Black & White Chocolate Cheesecake.

The Godiva Chocolate Martini blends Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur with vodka and Bailey’s Irish Cream, among other delicious ingredients to get your palate rolling.


Godiva Chocolate Martini Recipe
1.25 oz. Godiva Dark
1.25 oz. Crème de Cacao Dark
½ oz. Well Vodka
½ oz. Baileys
½ oz Vanilla IO Base.
Shake 25 times.
Swirl Chocolate Syrup
In the glass before the drink is poured in.

2St. Louis Ribs with Chocolate Chili BBQ Sauce

The new Wood Ranch Chocolate-Chili BBQ sauce was made especially for this week. The sauce will be served on the side and it goes best with the St. Louis Ribs, the Texas-Style Brisket and our Tri Tip. Put on a little or a lot for an experience that begins with silky chocolate that ends with a little bit of heat.

The Black & White Chocolate Cheesecake is being offered for the first time at Wood Ranch during this week. Using Guittard 72% dark chocolate and an Oreo cookie crust, the fabulous flavor is there in black and white. Topped with whipped cream, Guittard shavings and a Guittard chocolate coin.

Facts, photos and information provided on behalf of Wood Ranch

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