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Creating Your Own Decadent Treat at Creamistry

We attended as a guest of Creamistry

If you’ve ever watched Chopped or Iron Chef on The Food Network chances are you’ve seen a cool contraption that many of the competitor chefs use to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen in mere minutes. I’ve sometimes thought it would be fun to own one of these machines. Just imagine being able to make any kind of ice cream you want almost instantly. But back to reality… my kitchen is too small, not to mention my budget.


As it turns out however, some of the newest ice cream shops are picking up on this trend and are using liquid nitrogen ice cream machines to create an entire experience whipping up almost any imaginable flavor combination incorporating candy, cake, cereals, cookies and other treats right before your very eyes.

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Recently, I was invited to one such shop, Creamistry to try some of their ice creams and sorbets. I decided to bring along my ice cream loving mom. She’s an expert when it comes to all things sweet.

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Walking in we were initially somewhat overwhelmed with how many decisions we needed to make. What size? Full cream, non-GMO organic cream or sorbet? What flavor? What should we mix in it or on it? But they do have a process to help break it down and make the process easy.

Step 1: Select your size. Since we were there to sample several we selected smalls.

Step 2: Decide if you would like the premium base, the organic, the sorbet or the NitroDole. The premium base is the richest and creamiest option and is all-natural with no preservatives and is gluten free. The organic option is non GMO, is KSA Kosher and is gluten free. The sorbet comes in four flavors including mango, strawberry, peach and blueberry. You can add toppings to all of these. Or if you would like a fat free, gluten free, lactose free and allergen free option, try the pineapple NitroDole. We both went with the premium base because it’s the creamiest.

Step 3: Now comes the hard part. Pick your flavor. There are over two dozen creamy flavors and over a dozen fruity flavors. And then pick your toppings from a variety of candy, nuts, cookies, cakes, cereal, fruits and syrups. There are too many to count!

After pondering for a while and referring to a very helpful list of top sellers my mom selected the Chocolate with Heath Bar and Mini Marshmallows. I selected the Cookie Butter with Marshmallow Cream and Fudge in a Waffle Cone. The kid in me was thinking butter cookie s’more.


We watched as they poured the cream, mixed the ingredients and then added it to the liquid nitrogen machine. It’s quite the spectacle and the kids in the shop were beside themselves every time the fog from the nitrogen filled the counter.


20140818_060922 - Version 2

A few minutes later, our creations were ready and we started to eat what turned out to be the first two of seven different flavors we tried. The ice cream was creamy with generous chunks of our toppings running throughout. One thing that really stood out was the ice cream didn’t seem to melt as quickly as usual but was still soft. This was a good thing considering it was sweltering out.


We weren’t even finished with our first scoops when Richard, the Manager recommended a couple of other flavors for us to try including Oreo® Cookies & Cream and Espresso. I was also curious about the Captain Crunch flavor. When he brought the three over to our table my mom’s eyes about popped out her head. This was her idea of heaven. She polished off her first scoop and quickly moved to the Oreo® Cookies & Cream, which she declared her favorite of the three. After tasting each one, I decided my favorite was the deep, rich, slightly bitter Espresso, but kids will go crazy for the Captain Crunch.


While I was more than full at this point, my mom was still working on her Oreo® Cookies & Cream and Richard brought us a Strawberry and a Mango sorbet. Both had chunks of fruit and were soft, creamy, delicious and tasted just like the fruit. We both agreed the mango was our favorite and after polishing off her Oreo® Cookies & Cream she decided she would move on to the Mango and finish that off on the ride home.

While I don’t recommend eating three plus scoops in one sitting like my mom did, I definitely do recommend grabbing your kids or a friend and seeing what creative, delicious concoctions you can come up with.

The Creamistry is located at 3972 Barranca Parkway in Irvine with a second Orange County location opening in Cerritos near the end of next month.

Dana Wilde grew up playing “sous chef” for her father as he churned out one amazing meal after the next for family and friends. She inherited her father’s life long passion for cooking and has spent the past two decades studying, reading, practicing, experimenting, and creating in the kitchen. Together, she and her sister, Shan are Simply Wilde, a small boutique catering business focusing on in-home entertaining.

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