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Creating the Food in Saving Mr. Banks



Mary Poppins was one of my favorite films as a child, and when I heard that the film Saving Mr. Banks was based on the making of Mary Poppins, I could not wait to see it. When watching the film for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes learning about how passionate Walt Disney was about fulfilling his promise to his daughter of turning the book into a motion picture movie.



One of the things that stood out to me when watching Saving Mr. Banks was all the unique food. Every time that P.L. Travers’ would go to the Walt Disney Studios to work on the film, they would always bring in a cart load of food. All of the food in the film was realistic and looked just like it did in the 60’s.



Earlier this week, we went to Huntington Beach, to meet Chris Oliver, who designed and styled all the food for the film. Chris Oliver has worked on many different films, and she talked to us about all the work that goes into making food for a film. She has to work around the special diets of the actors, and also often times has to make “not so edible” food taste good.




Chris Oliver put extensive research into all the food in the film Saving Mr. Banks to make everything look as true to the era as possible. Attention to detail went into every detail of the food and the way it was staged in the film.



After having the unique experience of learning about how Chris Oliver created all the food for the film, we had the opportunity to cook with the talented chef. We were all divided into small groups, and our group got to make the deviled eggs and dessert. We were challenged to prepare, plate and serve the food how we would have expected it to look back in the 60’s.



It was an experience of a lifetime getting to take a step back in time to prepare food that would have been served to Walt Disney. Later, we all gathered for a relaxing lunch together while sharing our favorite memories from the film.



Saving Mr. Banks is out today on DVD and Blu-Ray. When watching the film, pay close attention to the detail of all the food in the film created by the talented Chris Oliver.

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