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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Crills Saltwater Taffy: Crills II

After spending an hour on the waters of Morro Bay with Sub Sea Tours, we were ready for a refreshing summer treat. We left the dock, and right around the corner was Crills II. We had wanted to stop into the original Crills while on our morning bike ride but didn’t have time, so we were excited to be still able to experience Crills with Crills II.


The minute we walked in the door, we were in heaven! The entire store smelled of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, and there was every flavor of salt water taffy to satisfy our taste buds. Not only did they have cinnamon rolls, salt water taffy, and chocolate treats, but they also had ice cream cones.




Since we were looking for a refreshing sweet treat, we filled a bag full of salt water taffy to enjoy later on in the afternoon, and got an ice cream cone filled with our favorite flavors of ice cream. The ice cream was creamy and delicious, just like we had hoped it would be. The salt water taffy that we brought back to our hotel room left us craving a return for more.



When planning your family vacation to Morro Bay, make time to get a treat with your kids at Crills or Crills II. They are each located on different sides of the bay, and both offer families the perfect treat to make your family vacation extra sweeter.


Crills Locations:
903 Embarcadero
Morro Bay, CA

Crills Saltwater Taffy
1247 Embarcadero
Morro Bay, CA

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