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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Delicious Donut Discovery at Donut Storr


I have driven past the Donut Storr every day when taking my kids to school for the past three years. I’ll be honest that it does not look very inviting from the outside. When I found, myself getting every single green light on the way to taking the kids to school and had an extra twenty minutes to spare I decided to take the kids in to check it out.


The donut shop has almost five stars on Yelp (which is not easy to get), and I immediately found out why. Inside the tiny donut shop was a case full of every kind of donut that my kids could ask for. There are about 3-4 small benches, and all were full of families having donuts together.


We patiently waited for somewhere to sit and have our donuts together. Once we sat down, and the kids took their donuts out of the paper envelopes, the sweet smell was captivating. While we were enjoying our delicious sweet treats together, I saw the owners bringing trays of freshly baked donuts out of the kitchen to restock the donut case…you can’t get any fresher than that.


My kids went up to the counter a couple of times to have their cup of water refilled, and the staff was extremely kind. They treated the kids so nicely, and took time to talk to them when serving them which is rare nowadays.


After our unexpected stop at Donut Storr, it is now one of my favorite places to go for donuts. Instead of picking up donuts to deliver to the teachers from our regular donut shop by our house, Donut Starr is now my go-to place.

Donut Starr is located in Mission Viejo at 22951 Los Alisos Blvd. I warn you that the parking lot is small and can be hard to navigate around especially if you drive a large suburban-like myself. Enjoy treating your kids to a sweet treat at this true hidden gem in Orange County.

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