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Driftwood Kitchen’s Spring Desserts

Braeburn Apple Brioche

Braeburn Apple Brioche

Pastry Chef Rene Baez introduces a new lineup of decadent desserts at Driftwood Kitchen in Laguna Beach. His new after-dinner menu boasts scratch-made sweets composed of artisanal ingredients prepared in-house daily, and complemented with dessert wines and ports. Chef Baez’s new desserts demonstrate a mastery of technique achieved through the balancing of complexity and simplicity. This new lineup of spring desserts is brought to life through the unique textures and bold flavors expressed in each bite. Among his new desserts is a rich Braeburn Apple Brioche served a la mode with a slab of Turkish honeycomb.

Warm Plum Tart Crumble

Warm Plum Tart Crumble

Chef Baez’s new menu of simple yet sophisticated desserts now include the following:

Espresso Coffee Sabayon: valrhona double chocolate mousse | coffee ice cream
Warm Plum Tart Crumble: pate brisee | pecan crumble | plum wine caramel
Braeburn Apple Brioche:bturkish honeycomb | “a la mode”
Lady Finger Banana Split: valerian chocolate | almonds | luxardo maraschino cherries | salty caramel | cream a la mode
Artisan Sorbets: coconut-pineapple, blackberry, mango

To complement Chef Baez’s lineup of delectable desserts, Driftwood Kitchen offers a selection of acclaimed sweet wines and ports from around the globe. These drinkable after-dinner offerings include Taylor 20-Year-Old Port, Broadbent Maidera, and Royal Tokaji.

The dessert menu is available at Driftwood Kitchen during Lunch and Dinner. Driftwood Kitchen is located at 619 Sleepy Hollow Lane in Laguna Beach and is open daily for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. For more information, visit

Facts and photos provided on behalf of Driftwood Kitchen.

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