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Family Entertainment at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

OC Mom Dining media DisclosureFamily Entertainment at Pirate's Dinner Adventure

Providing fun and rich family entertainment is second nature to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park.  With enough seating for 760 guests, they know how to put on a show guaranteed to entertain!

Family Entertainment at Pirate's Dinner Adventure made easy

In late June, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure launched a new show, “Rise of the Sea Dragon”, that features a comedic pirate Captain Sebastian the Black and his crew.  Throughout this dining experience, guests set sail with them and confront the enemy sea dragon head on. 

Family Entertainment at Pirate's Dinner Adventure for families

Guests can arrive early for their show and enjoy beverages prior to as the pirate mood is set. Be prepared to laugh and have your children and yourselves participate in this fun-filled show. Sword play, special effects and life sized dragons will not disappoint.

be part of the Family Entertainment at Pirate's Dinner Adventure

We were pleasantly surprised by the acrobatics incorporated into the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure show.  The skill level and strength of these performers was incredible and truly engaging for everyone in our party. The children watched intently with their mouths open as some performers displayed their Cirque de Solei like skills.  Being a departure from the main show entertainment, this was recognized as a favorite of many in our party.


The atmosphere is incredibly festive with humorous story-telling and ad lib that engages the audience in a multitude of ways.   This was the perfect form of family entertainment that everyone could enjoy.  The story-telling was all true to the genre and kept the audience guessing throughout.  Parents will appreciate the fact that their children will not be able to predict what will come next during shows at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure as it adds to their level of engagement.


And speaking of engagement…volunteer to be part of the show!  We had a blast watching our OC Mom Blog dads participate in the fun!


Shelby and I also had role in the show and helped our red team pirate win the competition!  When we asked our children what they enjoyed most about Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, they all said it was that their moms and dads were involved in the show.  So get out there and take advantage of the fun this dining opportunity presents for your family.


Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is a wonderful family entertainment option in Southern California.  They are located in the heart of Downtown Buena Park at 7600 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90602.

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