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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Family-Friendly Mediterranean Food at DonerG

We dined as a guest of DonerG

My kids and husband *love* Mediterranean food, but I can barely handle it. Every time that I am stuck working late, I always know where to find my family, dining at Daphne’s. My husband and kids know the Daphne’s staff by name, and when the staff sees me come in with the family, they always know to bring me a glass of wine to make it through dinner. That was until I discovered DonerG in Irvine.


When we were invited to review DonerG for the blog, I was hoping that one of our writers would pick-up the story to review. When that didn’t work-out in my favor, I found myself in the car on the way to Irvine with one happy family – except for me.


I came to the counter to order our food, and since I am not well educated about Mediterranean food, I left it up to the server to order his recommendations for our family. The only dish that I knew I *must-have* was the tabouli because it is one of my favorite weekly purchases from our local farmers market. When I asked him how long he had been working at DonerG, his response was “only a couple of days” which made for an even better review of the restaurant and how well they train their staff.


Let’s talk plates!

There are many different plates on the menu. We ordered the DonerG Grill Plate ($16.99) and the Iskender Kebab Plate ($11.49). The DonerG plate was large enough for my entire family of five to share for our entire meal. The Iskender Kebab Plate did not have the most appetizing presentation, but we did see many families sitting around us who were devouring it.


Pitas, sandwiches and wraps..oh my!


The #201 special (Doner kebab pita) was a hit with my husband and kids. They were practically fighting for a bite of this pita, and it was gone within seconds (I was lucky enough to get a picture first).


While they were fighting over the lamb kebab pita, I was finally discovering my first mediterranean dish favorite…the Doner Kebab wrap. I tried both the steak and the chicken, and both were out of this world incredible. I almost started to cry tears of joy over finally finding a dish at a Mediterranean restaurant that I liked other than wine!


The kids’ Meals


Kids don’t need to order a kids meal when dining at DonerG. I recommend ordering the DonerG plate, and your family will have enough food for everyone, plus some extras to bring home. We ordered the grilled chicken shish kebab meal, and my two younger children shared it, plus had leftovers to share with me! I have to was awesome.



I already mentioned that the tabouli was a must-have..don’t forget to order extra pita bread to bring home with you! Another hit side dish with my family was the hummus. The hummus dish was presented beautifully that tempted all of my kids to give it a try.


We ended the evening by sharing a side of baklava (2 pieces for $2.99). The dessert was the perfect ending to our family dining experience at DonerG.


How do I feel about Mediterranean food after dining at DonerG? I didn’t know what I have been missing for all of these years, and I have finally found a place where I can enjoy the flavors of the culture in a family-friendly fast casual dining experience.


I highly recommend your family trying DonerG the next time that you find yourself in the Irvine area. They are located in the popular Target shopping center at 3800 Barranca Parkway in Irvine. They are open Sunday through Thursday from 10:30am-9pm, and Friday through Saturday from 10:30am to 9:30pm. Catering options are available by calling 949-861-2626 or online at


It won’t be long until you find us back at DonerG!

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