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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Family Friendly Mediterranen Dining at Luna Grill


I’ll start out by being honest that I have never been a fan of Mediterranean food. The cuisine usually has spices that can be hit or miss on whether the kids will eat it. I’m always afraid of spending the money to take the family out for Mediterranean food, and have the kids refuse to eat it. Just like I tell the kids to have an open mind, and try new things, I took the family to try Luna Grill earlier this week to try their Mediterranean food.



When I arrived, the restaurant has a very sleek look for a fast casual restaurant. The menu was simple, and I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all the choices when ordering. We ordered all of our dishes to have “family style.” All we had to do was ask for some extra plates.


We played it simple by starting off dinner with their humus and pita bread. Since my older son has a bean allergy, he stuck with the pita bread, and the rest of the family enjoyed the hummus. It was a very rich humus and not as oily as many I have had in the past. I also found that I enjoyed pairing this hummus with some of the other dishes that we ordered (so remember to save some for your main course).


Next we ordered the Greek Salad with some kabob meat on top. The salad came with feta cheese, Greek olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion, peperoncini and a house vinaigrette. The dish was simple enough to please the palate of my picky eater.

Then it was time for the big test. Would the kids like the food?


We ordered the Chicken and Beef Kabob Entree plates. These two plates were more than enough food for my entire family of five to share. It came with meat, vegetables, salad and pita bread. The kids were able to make their own plate while getting a wide variety of flavors. My picky eater was the first to say, “I love this place,” with my other kids asking if we could come back again soon.



We continued to sample some more food when I discovered my favorite menu item, The Chipotle Chicken Wrap, and my husband fell head over heals in love with their Luna Burger.



We finished off the evening with some mini baklava and cupcakes – it doesn’t get any better than that!



Luna Grill does offer a wide variety of kids meals, but your family can easily get just the right amount of food by sharing the meat entrees and an appetizer or salad (this will also keep the price down if you are on a budget). They did a great job accommodating my sons food allergies by offering me a wide variety of Vegetarian and Vegan options.


Luna Grill has Orange County locations in Irvine, Lake Forest, and soon in Huntington Beach.

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