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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Fast & Delicious Tacos at Tacos & Co

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After the kids had an active day paddle boarding at Pirate Coast Paddle summer camp, they worked up a huge appetite. I surprised them one day after camp by taking them to one of their favorite taco places, Tacos & Co.


The Newport Beach location is at the corner for Bristol and Jamboree in the busy Starbucks shopping center. It is always a challenge to find a parking spot in this busy shopping center during the lunch rush because it is frequented by all people working in the surrounding business buildings.


Tacos & Co in Newport Beach is a teeny tiny little taco shop with just three high-top tables and a bar that wraps around the inside of a narrow dining room. The kids will always opt for the bar even if one of the high top tables is open.


When families arrive at Tacos & Co, they first order at the front desk, and meals will be delivered to the table within minutes. There is a large salsa bar with a wide variety of options from flaming hot all the way down to mild salsa.



The kid’s meals are huge! They don’t skimp on the size of the kids meals at Tacos & Co because they know that our growing kids need good-sized portioned meals. My older son always opts for the taquitos (that we can never understand why they cut in half?)


My other two children love their tacos! They love them!! The tacos came on a large plate and filled with a good portion of chicken. It comes with a side of rice and a couple of tortilla chips.



My husband and I will always share the Gordo Burrito (it is huge). The burrito comes filled with your choice of meat, cheese, guacamole, lettuce, salsa, rice, beans and sour cream. The massive burrito is only $5.99 with the option of adding rice and beans for an additional $.99.


Our meal is always made complete with a side of chips and freshly made guacamole. The kids use it to add to their tacos, and my husband and I enjoy it as a side to our burrito.


Not in the mood for a sit-down meal with the kids? Tacos & Co food is great to pick-up and bring home for dinner.

Tacos & Co has four locations in Orange County. The Newport Beach location is located at 3601 Jamboree Road.

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