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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Five Fun Ways to Dine and Play at Dave and Busters

We attended a media tasting at Dave and Buster’s.
dine and play at dave and busters
Dave and Busters is all about fun!  From children to adults, fun is in the air for guests the moment they enter the door.    To make the most of your visit, we have these five fun ways to dine and play at Dave and Buster’s.
Start with an amazing appetizer!
One of the great things about Dave and Buster’s is that you can enjoy your food and time.  With all of the fun and entertainment, there is no need to rush…so sit back and relax with some appetizers everyone will love. Children love their pretzel bites and be sure to order nachos for the adults.
Order some cocktails…
Dave & Buster’s has some fantastic cocktails they are featuring this summer like their CoronaRita, Strawberry Summerita, and Strawberry Sangria.  We love how Dave and Buster’s makes everything fun, even for adults.  Be sure to ask your server which cocktails come with a flavored ice cube to maximize your fun!
Order Food your Kids will Love
Children love the food at Dave and Buster’s!  From grilled cheese to chicken nuggets, they have it all.  Enjoy your night off of cooking and order them an easy meal they will love…no questions asked.
Dine for a Sporting Event
Dave and Buster’s has plenty of space, food and fun to help you celebrate a sporting event or simply watch together with friends.  And if you bring the kids to dine and play at Dave and Buster’s, they can safely play while you enjoy your game!
Let the Games Begin
Dave & Buster’s rolled out eight new games this summer including some big-screen versions of mobile apps!  These giant-sized versions of some of the most popular games like Temple Run and Cut the Rope bring a whole new meaning to the word entertainment.  Through August 25th, Dave and Buster’s is celebrating their “Summer of Games” promotion and offers guests free play on five of the newest games when they purchase or re-charge a PowerCard.

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