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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

George’s Burgers in Fountain Valley

There are so many great burger joints around Orange County, but one has been my favorite since I was a kid – George’s Burgers in Fountain Valley. When I was just a child, my parents would shop at the Fountain Valley Costco (the only one in Orange County at the time) and then we would have a burger at George’s.


It’s not just the burgers or the memories that make this burger joint so special, but the family who is running it. We will go months in-between our visits, but they always remember us by name – which is rare to find in the restaurant business anymore. Their hospitality is overwhelming and they always show their true appreciate for our business every time we visit.


Everyone in my family always gets the burger special (with extra secret sauce). My husband loves their onion rings, but their fried zucchini is to die for –’s that good. I always recommend asking for them well-done if you are in the mood for a more crispy side dish to compliment your burger.


The restaurant has a retro look inside but is always impeccably clean. The staff is always walking around cleaning, wiping tables or sweeping. The kitchen is also very clean, and guests can see their meal being prepared in their open kitchen.


When craving your next burger, head over to George’s in Fountain Valley, and you won’t be disappointed. They are also well-known for their large and delicious breakfast specials too. That’s just another reason to come back for more.

George’s is located at 17991 Euclid Street in Fountain Valley.

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