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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Granola Bars That Saves the Lives of Children


Image if every snack bar that your child eats would provide a meal to a child in need? Guess what? It can be possible with “This Bar Saves Lives.” While at the World Premiere, of the Disney film “Frozen” last week, Kristen Bell gave me a bar to take home and try with my kids.


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I’ll be honest that I get sent health bars all the time to try, and some of them my kids will eat, and some I could not pay them to eat. Since we have had so many disasters with dry and bland bars, my kids are not eager to eat them anymore.


When I brought these bars with me to the park this afternoon for the kids snack, I told them about the meaning behind the bars. We sat on the picnic blanket under a tree after our bike ride, talking about how there are children in other parts of the world that do not have a warm meal to eat every night, or a warm bed to be tucked into at night. I told them how with every “This Bar Saves Lives” sold that the company would take the pain of a hungry tummy away from a child.

After having that intimate conversation with my children, they were eager to tear it open for their snack. The best part was that the kids *loved* the bars. They gobbled them up within a few minutes, and they commented how they enjoyed that it tasted like real nuts in the bar – that is because they do use real nuts! “This Bar Saves Lives” is made with all non-gmo ingredients and is all-natural.

Now, my son who has allergies could not eat them because of the nuts in the bars, but we were advised that they are currently working on making a nut-free version. (Stay tuned) Try replacing the traditional granola bars in your kids lunch boxes with “This Bar Saves Lives” and know that, for every bar, your child is eating, another child is no longer going hungry. It’s a win-win!


We were provided with a sample of “This Bar Saves Lives”

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