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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Krusty Burger at Universal Studios Hollywood

We dined as a guest of Universal


When visiting Universal Studios Hollywood this summer, I got super excited to see that they added a new Krusty Burger restaurant. When it came to lunchtime inside of the park, there was no question that we were going to eat at Krusty Burger.




We entered the restaurant, and I felt like I had just walked into the real Krusty Burger in Springfield. It was a popular dining destination in the park as the line twisted around the restaurant and overflowed out the front door. When we got to the front desk to order our food it was Krusty Burgers for all of us that also included fries (something you don’t normally see in a theme park). We paired our burgers with a collectible character sipper that gave us $.99 refills in the park for the rest of the day.




We took our seats upstairs where The Simpsons were playing on multiple flat screen television sets and the decor was all themed after the movie. There was plenty of seating, and we didn’t have any trouble finding a seat right away.



The burger. The burger. I went into the restaurant not expecting much out of the flavor of the burger, but I was incredibly impressed. Not only was it a huge burger, but it also boasted a ton of flavor. It wasn’t the plain gross burger that I’m used to eating in theme parks, and when I added a little extra thousand island it was awesome.


The burger came paired with a large serving of crinkle french fries that gave me flashbacks of Carl’s Jr. crinkle fries and a cup of cole slaw priced at $10.99. For families who are wanting to dine on a budget, I could safely say that your kids could share the meal and not walk away from lunch hungry.

Vegetarian? No worries. They offer a “Mother Nature Burger” that is made with a veggie pattie, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

Beer lover? They sell beer for diners over the age of 21, milkshakes, and all your favorite sodas.


When planning your family visit to Universal Studios Hollywood, plan to have lunch or dinner at Krusty Burger inside of Springfield.

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