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Magical Moments at Ruby’s in Newport Beach

We dined as a guest of Ruby’s
Newport Beach Pier

The Newport Peninsula is a special place for me and my husband. We were both raised in the area, and we love bringing our kids back to the area to ride bikes and dine in the same places that we did when we were younger. Since we have been having such wonderful weather this month, we took the kids down to the Peninsula to play at Peninsula Park followed by lunch at Ruby’s on the pier. What we didn’t expect were the magical moments that we would share together as a family that afternoon.

Peninsula Park in Newport Beach

Newport Beach Pier


When we first arrived at the Peninsula, the kid’s played at Peninsula Park for a couple of hours before we walked down the pier for lunch. We saw boys jumping off the pier (just like me and my husband once did), and then we got the biggest treat of all…a pod of sea lions swimming around the pier. The kids screamed and squealed with delight while watching the sea lions swim and play around the pier. I took more pictures than I could count of the sea lions, and my kids smiling from ear to ear.

Sea Lion in Newport Beach

Ruby's Newport Peninsula

After almost an hour watching the beautiful creatures swim in the water below us, it was past lunchtime, so our lunch turned into an early dinner. We took our seat on the rooftop of the restaurant, and my two younger kids wanted their “own” table against the glass in hopes that would still spot the sea lions swimming below.


We all started what the kids called “linner” lunch/dinner with delicious Ruby’s milkshakes. I got my typical black cherry shake, the little ones ordered vanilla, and our oldest helped to support the Girl Scouts by choosing the Thin Mint shake.

Girl Scout Think Mint Shake at Ruby's

For lunch, I enjoyed every savory bite of my juicy RubyBurger. The mouth-watering burger came topped with lettuce, tomato and secret sauce inside of a soft bun. While the RubyBurger is my all-time favorite burger at Ruby’s, my husband, is a fan of the SuperBurger. The SuperBurger comes with a burger topped with melted swiss cheese inside of Parmesan toasted sourdough bread. Both of the burgers come with a side of Ruby’s famous fries that are pure perfection when dunked in their special ranch dressing.

Ruby's Burger

While my husband and I enjoyed our favorite burgers, the kids all got their usual kid’s meals. The kid’s never leave hungry and without unforgettable memories after dining at Ruby’s.

Ruby's Super Burger

We ended the afternoon with the kids running along the beach while watching the sunset. If your family is looking for a memorable dining experience, then Ruby’s on the Balboa Pier is the perfect place to have lunch. Ruby’s is located at 1 Balboa Pier in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach

Ruby's Diner on Urbanspoon

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