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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Mimi’s Cafe New Frites Grill Menu

We dined as a guest of Mimi’s

With the addition of Mimi’s Cafe all-new Frites Grill menu, we could not wait to plan a family diner to try the new menu items. Frites are one of our kids favorite foods and Mimi’s has a commitment to serving only the freshest frites with their new menu by using Russet potatoes grown on one of four family farms in Southeastern Idaho. The frites are hand-cut, double-fried and seasoned with sea salt and herbs.


Before ordering, our family enjoyed a basket of fresh bread and butter while looking over the menu. My husband ordered the Steak Frites that included a 10oz. New York strip steak with homemade thyme-garlic butter and large helping of frites. The steak was tender, and the thyme-garlic butter brought of the flavors of the juicy steak.


Our two boys shared the Roasted Chicken and Frites that came with a large portion of slow-roasted herb-seasoned chicken. The dish was large enough for 2-3 children to share and is a healthier alternative to a traditional kids meal.


Since we had just come back from a week in the tropics, I could not resist the Grilled Salmon Frites. The dish featured a large piece of grilled Atlantic salmon with homemade lemon-garlic butter and sautéed garlic spinach. The spinach was perfectly paired with the salmon and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice made the meal complete.


Our family ended our dining experience with a piece of creme brulee cheesecake. The vanilla custard cheesecake came with a caramelized sugar crust and served with strawberries. It was the perfect ending to our evening at Mimi’s Cafe.


The new Frites Grill Menu has taken Mimi’s Cafe to a whole new level and will satisfy even the most discerning diners. All of the dishes come with wine pairing recommendations to expand on the flavors of the dishes, and all glasses of wine are just $5 at Mimi’s Cafe.


When planning your next family night out, come into your local Mimi’s Cafe to try one of the delicious new frites menu items. Find your closest Mimi’s Cafe online at

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