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New Yogurtland Summer Flavors

yogurtland Summer flavors

My favorite thing to do with the kids in the summer is to visit Yogurtland. Yogurtland is kicking off the summer with some refreshing new flavors that will include Hibiscus Passion Fruit Sorbet, Orangesicle and Root Beer Float Frozen Yogurt.

Yogurtland’s new Hibiscus Passion Fruit Sorbet is a non-fat, dairy-free take on a popular and refreshing drink and contains real hibiscus and passion fruit for a fresh tropical taste.

Orangesicle is Yogurtland’s version of the classic treat that combines tangy orange sorbet with creamy vanilla yogurt.

Yogurtland’s Root Beer Float flavor blends old-fashioned root beer with creamy vanilla yogurt for a nostalgic taste.

“These cool and refreshing flavors remind us of the carefree days of our childhoods, and bring an emotional connection to Yogurtland’s variety of refreshing and delicious frozen yogurt flavors,” said Charlotte Lucich, director of marketing at Yogurtland. “Our tropical Hibiscus Passion Fruit Sorbet and the nostalgic tastes of our Root Beer Float and Orangesicle are the perfect way to kick off the summer.”

Fans can use the Yogurtland app to find the nearest location and also search the app’s Flavor Finder feature to find which Yogurtland location is serving their favorite flavor. To find the app, search Yogurtland in your mobile app store.

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