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Old Spaghetti Factory 45th Anniversary Celebration

View From Upstairs

Guss and Sally Dussin opened the first Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland Oregon on January 10, 1969, with the knowledge that honesty, dignity, respect, the hard work, and guest satisfaction were the recipe for dinning success. Over the past 45 years, this belief has helped the Dussin family expand to 41 Old Spaghetti Factory locations in 15 states.

Unique Lamp inside of the restaurant

Unique Lamp inside of the restaurant

With my wife away for a few days, I was looking for some dining options and decided I would take the kids to Newport Beach to dine at the Old Spaghetti Factory on Balboa Blvd. When I was a teen in high school, I used to work at a pizza place across the street, and I have many fond memories of  ordering Spaghetti Factory pasta while I was working. Where else is a trolley set up as an area to dine, other than at the Old Spaghetti Factory?

The Trolley

The Trolley

When we arrived, the complimentary valet kindly took my car keys and told us to have fun and enjoy our meal. We entered the restaurant, where my three kids eyes lit up with delight, at the first sight of the trolley that was in the middle of the downstairs dining area. They then got even more excited as they saw booths that were made from Head and foot board of old beds.

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

We were seated upstairs where we had a great view of the main dining area. When the waiter arrived at out table, he pointed out, their 45th anniversary menu. The Old Spaghetti factory is offering a 45th Anniversary special featuring $4 and $5 dollar adult meals, and $3.00 kids meals on January 13,14,20,21st. The meals all include a soup or salad, your main dish, and either a scoop of ice cream or Spumoni for dessert.

We all had spaghetti and meat sauce and enjoyed every last bite of it, then enjoyed our Spumoni as well for dessert. This was a great treat considering I was able to feed all four of us three-course meals for $23.00 with tax and tip. This is a great value, and shows that the Old Spaghetti Factory, still stands by the original principles that the Dussin family believed when they opened their doors in 1969. If you are looking for a meal out, that won’t break the bank, take the family to the spaghetti factory on their select dates to celebrate their 45th anniversary.

Steve is a race car, boat loving Dad with a love for adventure. When he is not bungie jumping off a bridge he is playing Monopoly with his kids or working on re-building a classic car.

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  1. GOSH…THANKS FOR THE INFO! I’m kinda new to the OC area and always looking for places to eat with family. We’ve driven by there several times and now I know what its like inside!

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