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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Pizzeria Amore


When you have three little kids, somehow it is easy to find the best pizza places in town. Living in South Orange County, we are subjected to mostly chain pizza joints, except for Pizzeria Amore. This gem is hidden in the community of Laguna Woods and makes the most delicious authentic pizza in South Orange County.


My kids are always begging me to get them a slice of their pizza, whenever we are grocery shopping at the Stater Brothers next door. I also like bringing the kids to have lunch at Pizzeria Amore because of their reasonable lunch specials. For just $5.99, we can get a lunch special large enough to feed all three of my kids – you can’t beat a deal like that!


The pizza has an authentic NY style crust, and the cheese is always cooked to perfect. When your family first arrives, there will be a wide variety of pre-made pizzas available. Once you select your favorite pizza, they will crisp up the crust in the pizza oven before delivering it to your table.


When ordering the pizza and pasta combo, they always have a wide variety of fresh pasta available to go with your pizza. Our favorite is their creamy chicken pasta salad! Next time you are looking to get a delicious slice of pizza for lunch in South Orange County, head into Laguna Woods to give Pizzeria Amore a try. They also have whole pizza and delivery options for dinner too!


Pizzeria Amore is located at 24338 El Toro Road in Laguna Woods.


Bon appetite!

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