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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Pjs and Pancakes at Ruby’s Diner

We dined as a guest of Ruby’s

When the kids have a day off from school, our favorite thing to do is go for pj’s and pancakes. Right after the kids wake-up, I whisk them off to our favorite breakfast restaurant, Ruby’s Diner.


Earlier this week, I surprised the kids even more by taking them to the newly redesigned Ruby’s Diner at 17th Street in Costa Mesa. The newly redesigned restaurant features a fun hip new vibe and faster service with their quick ordering process.



When we arrived at Ruby’s Diner for breakfast, we placed our order at the counter before relaxing in one of their booths while watching “The Jetson’s” on the big screen television. The kids laughed at the highlights from the television show while building their paper classic cars to bring home as their souvenirs.



We started our meal with Ruby’s popular french toast sticks. The dish was gobbled up as my kids devoured the thick egg dipped pancake batter fried french toast sticks. It was served with tasty maple syrup, butter and melted chocolate for dipping perfection.


Next we tried the belly bomb burrito that featured scrambled eggs, cheddar & jack cheese, bacon, sausage, potatoes, salsa and served with pico de gallo and avocado cream. My daughter and I could not get enough of this delicious breakfast dish, and it quickly became our go-to dish when dining at Ruby’s Diner for breakfast.



Finally, we could not leave Ruby’s Diner without trying one of their new “benny’s.” With so many new “benny” choices to choose from, we opted to try the Sopressata benny. It featured crisp Sopressata Italian Salami and two poached eggs on an english muffin. The dish was finished with a little Hollandaise sauce and served with warm breakfast potatoes. It was truly a unique twist on traditional eggs benedict, and I guarantee will satisfy your “benny” cravings.


While two of my kids enjoyed exploring the new breakfast menu, my picky eater was in breakfast bliss with the traditional pancakes kids meal. The silver dollar pancakes were cooked to perfection and served with butter and maple syrup.



Even though it was breakfast time, we couldn’t leave Ruby’s without ordering some tasty Marianne’s Ice Cream.


There is something for everyone to enjoy at Ruby’s Diner for breakfast, and the redesigned Costa Mesa location is our all-time favorite location. The next time that your kids have the day off from school or over the weekend, surprise them by taking them to Ruby’s Diner in Costa Mesa for Pj’s and Pancakes. Ruby’s Diner in Costa Mesa is located at 428 E. 17th Street in Costa Mesa.


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