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Rubio’s Langostino Lobster Returns For a Limited Time

Rubio's Langostino Lobster

Rubio’s seasonal favorite, the Langostino Lobster, returns for a limited time with new citrus rice. The delicious taco and burrito were developed by Ralph Rubio and the Rubio’s culinary team.

The burrito features Langostino Lobster with warm basil butter, citrus rice, and fresh guacamole. Inside of the warm tortilla guests will savor the black beans, chipotle white sauce, salsa fresco, and crisp lettuce.

The Langostino Lobster Two Taco Plate, served with no-fried pinto beans and chips, offers guests two flavorful, mouthwatering tacos topped with freshly sliced avocados, a cilantro-onion mix, chipotle white sauce, and cabbage.

Guests looking for variety are invited to try Rubio’s new Surf & Turf taco plate featuring one Langostino Lobster Taco and one Grilled Gourmet Steak Taco, served with a side of no-fried pinto beans and chips.

“At Rubio’s, we are deeply committed to offering our guests delicious food they love and feel good about eating,” said Ralph Rubio, co-founder of Rubio’s. “Langostino Lobster has been a favorite since we introduced more than a decade ago. As a part of our culinary progression, we have elevated the taste, while remaining true to the unique flavors that have made Langostino Lobster a seasonal staple year after year.”

Rubio's Langostino Tacos

The special menu item will only be here for a limited time. Guests can locate the nearest Rubio’s location online.

Facts, photos, and information provided on behalf of Rubio’s.

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