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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

The Science of Ice Cream at Creamistry


What happens when you mix liquid nitrogen and delicious natural ingredients? You get the most incredible ice cream in Orange County. Creamistry is not only creating high-quality fresh ice cream, but also creating a unique experience for families to enjoy.

After having lunch at Veggie Grill with a girlfriend, we wanted to see what all the hype around this unique OC ice cream shop was, so we headed into Creamistry for an after lunch treat.


When we first walked into the front door, we both went “whoa!” when we spotted the liquid nitrogen steaming behind the counter. After we stood in awe for about five minutes, we finally decided to see what we wanted to order.


Like the typical “always distracted me” I was still captivated by the cool white smoke while my friend walked me through the ordering process. We got to pick a base (gluten-free & vegan options available) then the flavor and the toppings. Like we didn’t have enough options, we also got to decide if we wanted the toppings blended or just on top of our ice cream.


The order went in, and we took a seat while watching them make our ice cream. In just minutes, we were already enjoying our scrumptious homemade ice cream together, and it was A-mazing! I ordered the peanut butter cup flavor ice cream with peanut butter cup toppings. Since my son has a nut allergy and I can’t eat nuts when he is with me, I always tend to order nut dishes to cure that craving.

It was the ice cream that my friend ordered that won over my heart. I even asked if she was up for a thumb war to switch, but she wasn’t budging. What did she order that was so irresistable? It was the salted caramel flavor of course – who wouldn’t love it..right?

We loved the scientific process used to make handmade ice cream at Creamistry. At $5.50 (to start) for one ice cream, it is not as affordable as we would have hoped, but it’s worth it for a special occasion with your kids.

Creamistry is located at 3972 Barranca Parkway in Irvine.

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  1. Amazingly decadent and rich. I loved it, but would only be able to handle for a special treat.

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