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Sol Cocina Introduces New Fall Menu

Photo courtesy of Sol Cocina

Photo courtesy of Sol Cocina

SOL Cocina Executive Chef Deborah Schneider introduces a new menu of fall favorites to her widely celebrated menu of Baja-inspired cuisine. The new menu features fall’s freshest ingredients highlighted by Chef Deb’s own house-made Blue Corn Masa, which is presented in her new Blue Corn Gordita, a popular street food in Mexico that features a thick tortilla, patted out by hand. Blue Corn is an ancient strain of corn commonly used in the area around Mexico City.

Photo courtesy of Sol Cocina

Photo courtesy of Sol Cocina

The new Shortrib Taco on Blue Corn Gordita, as a whole, is a fairly simple dish that is quintessentially Mexican, from the Blue Corn Masa, all the way to the Red Chile Salsa, a street taco classic that is served with call kinds of meat. Other noteworthy dishes put the spotlight on Mexican Shrimp Season with grilled Agave-Chile Shrimp featured in a taco and a torta.

Photo courtesy of Sol Cocina

Photo courtesy of Sol Cocina

Among the new items featured on the SOL Fall Menu:

Our Fisherman’s Sashimi, or Crudo, features tiraditos (thin slices) of raw, wild fish dressed with cilantro & serrano chiles, served with soy, lime & creamy chipotle salsa

This delicious homemade soup with meatballs (fresh beef and chopped bacon) and lots of fresh vegetables (diced sweet potato, shredded cabbage and kale), is classic Mexican home cooking.

A mild Anaheim Chile charred, peeled and stuffed with menonito cheese, then wrapped in bacon, roasted and served on ranchera sauce with cotixa cheese.

Back by popular demand, the Viper Taco features the Indian Bhut Jolokia (ghost chiles), one of the world’s hottest chiles, as well as habaneros and chipotles. This Viper Salsa tops grilled chicken, which is served atop melted cheese and avocado on a corn tortilla ‘dorado’ (cooked until half crisp).

An agave-chile marinade enhances the natural sweetness of the shrimp, which are set on guacamole and topped with a medium-spicy, creamy green salsa, lettuce and pico de gallo. A great, simple taco.

A hand-made Blue Corn ‘Gordita’ topped with delicious slow-cooked boneless beef shortribs, red chile puya salsa, avocado, cotixa cheese and onions.

This taco features chunks of peeled butternut squash roasted with cumin and smoked chiles, then served on a corn tortilla with melted cheese, spicy roasted green chile salsa, crispy fried onions & roasted red pepper salsa. The flavor profile is a little smoky, rich, and a little spicy.

A really good, simple shrimp torta with agave-chile shrimp topped with garlic-herb salsa, lettuce and pico, on toasted bread. A touch of spiciness is balanced by cool guacamole and fresh salsas.

Boneless, premium beef shortribs are rubbed with spices and chiles, seared and slow-cooked with stock and garlic until falling-apart tender. The shortribs are served in their juices in a iron cazuela with guacamole, onions, cotixa cheese and tortillas, and a side of deep-fried sweet potato.

The fall version of our popular enchiladas consists of three types of cheese (jack, menonito and goat cheeses) in corn tortillas, baked under Salsa Verde, then topped with queso fresco, cotixa and Mexican crema.

Like a harvest cornucopia, this vegetarian entrée is a celebration of all that’s wonderful about fall! A half squash is rubbed with spices and roasted, then filled with a combination of roasted root vegetables (leeks, brussel sprouts, purple potato, carrots and sweet potato) and topped with house-made green mole pipian, a little queso fresco and toasted pepitas.

A premium 12-ounce Angus ribeye steak rubbed with garlic and a touch of chipotles in adobo and then grilled. This steak has a nice smoky taste and a bare hint of spice.

Soon-to-open SOL Playa Vista Head Chef Tia Baker created this delectable version of an old-fashioned Mexican dessert. House-made white cake is soaked until softened with a rich, creamy sauce of cream, evaporated milk, milk and 1921 tequila liqueur, and then spiced with cinnamon and vanilla. It is absolutely delicious, like drinking a boozy, rich horchata… with whipped cream.

SOL’s menu changes seasonally to reflect the freshest ingredients available. Chef Deb’s menu features dishes made entirely from scratch, daily and is reflective of her philosophy that sustainable ingredients present the tastiest offerings. The new lunch and dinner menus at SOL feature her unique interpretation of Coastal Mexican classics.

In addition, SOL’s commitment to sustainability is unwavering. The menu features meat and seafood that is humanely raised and caught. Chef Deb actively seeks to feature organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. SOL’s menu of Coastal Mexican classics also offers many vegan-friendly and gluten-free options.

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