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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Spin Pizza Spins into Los Alamitos



Orange County families are falling head over heels in love with Spin Pizza. As the love for Spin Pizza has continued to grow, so has the addition of more locations including their newest in Los Alamitos. We drove up to Los Alamitos last weekend to see how the new location compares to the already popular location in Orange, and what we found was that it quickly became our all-new favorite location.


The new Spin Pizza location is bigger than ever with beautiful rich wood furniture, an expansive bar and comfortable booths. We hardly ever come to a restaurant at 6pm on a Sunday night to find a line out the door, but that is exactly what we found at this new pizza place.

When we walked into the doors, we saw a festive and fun family dining environment. Every table had happy families laughing, talking and enjoying quality time together. After ordering at the front of the restaurant, we were guided to a comfortable booth to enjoy our dinner together.


My husband ordered the Spin Sub along with a warm bowl of tomato soup. The sandwich came stuffed with salami, mortadella, ham, provolone, mustard mayo, red leaf lettuce, and roma tomatoes on a challah roll. The sandwich was fresh, filling and could easily feed two people.


Our daughter loves salad, and she could not wait to try one of the fresh salads at Spin. She ordered the chopped BLT that came loaded with Italian bacon, blue cheese, scallions, croutons, and tomatoes. She loved the freshness of the salad and the bacon gave it a rich flavor.



We could not go to Spin without having their BBQ Di Pollo and Pineapple pizza. Why? Because it is made with our ultimate favorite Lucille’s BBQ Sauce. The pizza was our favorite dish of the night with juicy chicken, warm mozzarella, caramelized onions and roasted pineapple. This dish is a must-have item to order when dining at Spin Pizza.



Finally, I am always on the hunt to find the perfect “white pizza” in Orange County, so I tried their Pesto E Pollo pizza with roasted chicken and pesto. While I still have a couple of more places to try “white pizza” in Orange County, so far this pizza is at the top of my list.


Your family will have a blast dining at Spin Pizza in Los Alamitos. There is also a location in Orange, and another opening soon in Huntington Beach.

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