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The Best Irresistible Treat at Disneyland Resort

We attended as guests of Disney

The Best Irresistible Treat at Disneyland Resort

Living in Orange County my entire life, I have grown-up creating special memories with my family at Disneyland Resort. I do, however, have a confession to make – that I have never had a Dole Whip. Shocking I agree, but my parents were very strict about sugar intake for my sister and I when we were children, so our visits to Disneyland never involved caramel apples, ice cream or the famous Dole Whip. It was not until I was visiting Walt Disney World, with my family this past Spring that my lips wrapped around the spoon of my first Dole Whip.


After the Disney Social Media Moms Conference at Walt Disney World, we extended our family vacation at the Disney Polynesian Resort where we discovered a self-serve Dole Whip machine. The kids and I took self-serve to the next level by fitting as much of the pineapple sweetness into the small disposable dish as possible.



When our family planned a last-minute end of Summer celebration at Disneyland Resort this past weekend, our visit would not be complete without getting the most refreshing treat at Disneyland Resort- The Dole Whip. It was one of the hottest days of the Summer, and every time that we passed the wicker stand, the line was wrapping around the corner of the Enchanting Tiki Room.



We strategically planned a walk-by the Dole Whip stand when many of the guests would be watching the parade, to get our hands on our favorite Disneyland treat. While we were highly-anticipating our refreshing summer treat throughout the warm summer day in the park, we tried something new during this visit by getting the Dole Whip Float.


This was a first for our entire family to experience together at Disneyland. The kids could not wait to lick the end of the tooth pick paper umbrella before sipping the pineapple juice soaked Dole Whip floats. The Dole Whip brought us right back to the memories we had along the white sand beaches of the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World this past Spring. While we sat at the tables of the outdoor patio of the Jolly Holiday Restaurant, we all laughed together while sharing our favorite memories of our Walt Disney World Vacation.

The Dole Whip at Disneyland Resort is not only our favorite family treat, but also a way for us to bring back the special memories we shared together during our trip to Walt Disney World.

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