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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Krusty Burger at Universal Studios Hollywood

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in American, Theme Park Dining, Travel | 0 comments

 We dined as a guest of Universal When visiting Universal Studios Hollywood this summer, I got super excited to see that they added a new Krusty Burger restaurant. When it came to lunchtime inside of the park, there was no question that we were going to eat at Krusty Burger. We entered the restaurant, and I felt like I had just walked into the real Krusty Burger in Springfield. It was a popular dining destination in the park as the line twisted around the restaurant and overflowed out the front door. When we got to the front desk to order our food it was Krusty Burgers for all of us that also included fries (something you don’t normally see in a theme park). We paired our burgers with a collectible character sipper that gave us $.99 refills in the...

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Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor at Universal Studios Hollywood

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Dessert, Theme Park Dining, Travel | 0 comments

 We dined as a guest of Universal Where is the coolest place to grab a refreshing ice cream in the town of Springfield from The Simpsons? Phineas Q. Butterfat’s of course. Now, your family can experience the sweet treat that Bart and Lisa love at Universal Studios Hollywood. While our family was visiting the theme park this summer, we cooled down from the summer heat with a refreshing ice cream treat at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor. The ice cream cones are unique by offering guests to add their own “flavor swirl.” First guests pick their favorite soft serve ice cream flavor and then add their favorite flavor swirl. The flavor swirls include strawberry, banana ripple, root beer, watermelon, tropical orange, black cherry, cotton candy or chocolate swirl. My son and I had our cones swirled with a...

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Lard Lad Donuts at Universal Studios Hollywood

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Breakfast, Featured, Theme Park Dining | 0 comments

 We dined as a guest of Universal Studios There is only one way to start your day at Universal Studios Hollywood, and that is with a giant donut at Lard Lad Donuts. I had heard about these giant sweet donuts from friends and made sure to plan on getting one of the sweet treats with my kids during our recent visit. When we ordered the giant donut, my kids could not believe their eyes. It was one of the largest donuts that they had ever seen, and they couldn’t wait to sink their tastebuds into the sweet treat. We all sat together at one of the outdoor tables and gobbled up every last crumb of the massive donut before starting our day exploring Universal Studios Hollywood. The donut is called “The Big Pink” and is priced at $4.99. Guests...

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