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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Ultimate Sandwiches at Sessions Sandwiches

We dined as a guest of Sessions Sandwiches

I have a love/hate relationship with most of the sandwich shops in South Orange County. While I love the convenience of getting a quick sandwich for my three kids to bring with us down to the beach in less than five minutes, when at the beach…I wonder “could it be better?”

Since I am a South OC Mom (I know our North OC Moms have way more options) the one place I used to get a “good sandwich” was at the Aliso Creek Market and Deli until their landlord closed them unexpectedly last month. That left many of us sandwich lovers in the South OC searching for a place to get “good” sandwiches, and better than we could make at home to fuel our kids for a day full of fun under the bright OC sun.


When I was at a recent skateboarding event with Etnies at the Etnies Skate Park in Laguna Hills, I met the owner of Sessions West Coast Deli (aka. Sessions Sandwiches). While I was curious about his killer sandwiches that my yelp peeps have talked so much about I was busy chasing my three kids around the skate park, and really couldn’t take the time to savor the flavor. It was the rosemary potato chip that I popped into my mouth, and the couple of bites from the Summer Zypher that left me craving more.

We are less than a week away from the kids returning to school, and all of us moms are trying to maximize our time with the kids before losing them to our amazing educational staff, so I planned a beach picnic with the kids and some friends. What I didn’t expect was to have massive hurricane waves crashing onto our OC Beaches, and I’ve learned from past experiences as a child, to never go near the beaches in these type of conditions with young children. Since I already planned our special end of summer beach day, we made our way to calm waters at the Newport Dunes.



sessions-sandwiches-5 - Copy

sessions-sandwiches-8 - Copy

My kids and I picked-up our sandwiches from Sessions on the Newport Peninsula, just steps away from where my husband and I met when working in high school at Original Pizza. (And the McDonald’s that I craved while on long-term bedrest with Tyler at Hoag Hospital).

sessions-sandwiches-7 - Copy

sessions-sandwiches-6 - Copy

The restaurant is set-up for take-out. There are a couple of small tables for those surfers or beachgoers who are coming in for a bite after a long day at the beach. The restaurant reminded me a lot of the original Wahoo’s that I once ate at as a teenager off Placentia in Costa Mesa.


We placed our order, and took a seat while they made our sandwiches fresh to take with us to the beach. Like all of us moms, we never mind waiting a few short minutes for high-quality food to feed our families, and yet our sandwiches were ready to go in less than 15 minutes.

sessions-sandwiches-19 - Copy

sessions-sandwiches-18 - Copy

When we met our friends at the Newport Dunes for lunch, the presentation won over the hearts of the other moms. The Italian sandwich (Greatfella) was packed full of “ghost peppers” that our kids devoured, and we would not have known they were even in the sandwich had they not left a small slice behind for us to taste. The Greatfella sandwich comes with smoked ham, capicola, genoa salmi, provolone, chow chow, herb vinaigrette inside of a toasted ciabatta bun. What is chow chow? Their secret sauce!

sessions-sandwiches-11 - Copy

sessions-sandwiches-16 - Copy

The pastrami (The ‘Strami) was also a popular sandwich with the kids and one sandwich was enough to share between three of our kids. The amount of freshly sliced meat that Sessions packs into their sandwiches makes them more filling than any sandwich restaurant chain. The ‘Strami comes with pastrami, swiss, pickled mustard seed, chow chow, so cal slaw inside of a ciabatta bun.

sessions-sandwiches-13 - Copy

For the win was the (Summer Zypher) sandwich. There is something about this sandwich that none of us could resist. Between the moms and kids..we were all fighting for another bite of this sandwich. The bread was perfect, the cheese was perfect, the seasoning was perfect – everything was perfect! Our two favorite worlds of cheese and bread collided when they created this tantalizing sandwich.

sessions-sandwiches-15 - Copy

sessions-sandwiches-17 - Copy

Finally, we ended with the chicken salad sandwich. It is perfect for when you are in the mood for a sandwich with a little kick. The sandwiches comes loaded with a mountain of chicken married with a spicy curry sauce inside of a bun similar to the brown bread from the Cheesecake Factory. The (Foghorn) comes with roasted chicken salad, curried mayo, celery, cucumber, scallion, dried cranberry, tomato, arugula and slaw.

sessions-sandwiches-14 - Copy

sessions-sandwiches-12 - Copy

sessions-sandwiches-10 - Copy

After the kids were fueled with a protein packed lunch from Sessions, they hit the water at the Dunes. They played hard for hours while all of us moms watched our kids create memorable moments together on the historic Newport Dunes whale in the middle of the bay. We laughed and shared our favorite summer moments together while having another love/hate relationship about summer ending and our chaotic school schedule creeping up on us…



Have an endless summer throughout the year with your family when picking up sandwiches from Sessions West Coast Deli and hitting the beach with our “forever summer” weather throughout the year. I guarantee that your family will devour every bite of their flavorful sandwiches leaving you craving more!


Sessions West Coast Deli is located at 2823 Newport Boulevard in Newport Beach. Call your order ahead by calling 949-220-9001.


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