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Union Market Coming to Kaleidoscope Center in Mission Viejo


Photo courtesy of the Kaleidoscope Center

The highly-anticipated arrival of the Union Market is planned to open in 2014 at the Kaleidoscope Center in Mission Viejo. The Union Market will feature multiple high-end stores and boutiques under one roof.

“We are pleased to welcome Union Market. Bringing this hot new retail and food concept to Kaleidoscope along with our renovations will solidify our improvement efforts at this iconic center,” said Scott Chernoff, Principal, Westport Capital Partners LLC.

Union Market will house approximately 30 to 35 independent retailers from within the community in its 27,800 sq. ft. space and is expected to have boutique shops, gourmet foods, craft cocktails and wine bar, coffeehouse and unique restaurants.

The concept is the brainchild of Andrea and Russell Young.

“We are excited about Union Market opening in Mission Viejo. We wanted to give small businesses the opportunity to have a unique place where they could showcase their goods in their very own store space within a larger shopping mall,” said Andrea Young. “Kaleidoscope will enable us to do just that by bringing the community together within this diverse space.”

The Kaleidoscope Center is located at 27741 Crown Valley Parkway just off the 5 Freeway in Mission Viejo.

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