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Veggie Grill Irresistible Fall Menu Items

We dined as a guest of Veggie Grill
At least a couple of times a week, I find myself stopping into Veggie Grill for a salad during lunch – so often that I know the servers by name. I swear that they have the best caesar salad in Orange County, and I could eat it every single day of the week. While I (like many other Veggie Grill fans) often find ourselves committed to our menu favorites, earlier this month I gave up my beloved caesar salad to explore something new on the Fall menu.


The new Fall menu at Veggie Grill is one to seek after on those rare rainy days that we have in the OC. My top two favorite menu items are the butternut velvet soup and the Sonoran winter bowl. Both of these dishes boast the flavors of the season while offering guests many health benefits. While I love these two Fall dishes, my kids can’t get enough of the chargrilled veggie and penne pasta.

The warm butternut velvet soup features butternut squash, sweet potato and is infused with almond milk and topped with pumpkin seeds and fried sage. Infusion describes this dish perfectly because every spoonful is full of flavor. The pumpkin seeds add the perfect texture needed with a bowl of soup and the fried sage adds an extra burst of spice.


While I could go on for days about the soup, there is also the Sonoran winter bowl that is a hidden gem on the fall menu, and not to be missed. This Fall bowl, is packed full of veggies, and nutrients including: carrots, black beans, avocado, tomato corn salsa, jalapeños, roasted pepper sauce and tortilla strips all upon a bed of quinoa pilaf with dried grapes and almonds (I recommend having them go light on the beans). The description of the dish sounds like a schmorgesborg but it truly is the perfect combination of Fall flavors. Don’t order this dish unless you plan on sharing with one of your kids because there is plenty of delicious veggies in this delectable dish to share.


The chargrilled veggie and penne pasta is loaded with veggies. The flavors are so fresh that my kids don’t even realize they are eating veggies when enjoy this pasta. The cold pasta dish is loaded with charred eggplant, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, quinoa and marinated kale. It is served with a citrus vinaigrette that is both light and refreshing.


The question is..will I continue with my regular order of a caesar salad with a chicken wrap or will I add a new favorite to my order? What I realized is that I never had anything to compliment my favorite caesar salad until trying the warm butternut velvet soup. Now I have the perfect fall flavor combination that I continue to frequently seek after.

While I only tried three of the Fall menu items at Veggie Grill, they also offer crispy portabellos, kale, and white bean braise, and glazed tofu banh mi. The next time that you find yourself near a Veggie Grill, I recommend ordering the caesar salad paired with the butternut velvet soup. I guarantee that you’ll never find a Fall dish combination quite like it.

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