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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Wood Ranch Test Kitchen Unveils Burnt Ends

We dined as a guest of Wood Ranch

Burnt Ends? What is that you ask? It is quite possibly the most delicious bites of barbecue your tastebuds will ever experience. Originally started in Kansas City, these sweet double-smoked brisket bon-bon bites have made their debut for a limited-time at Orange County’s premiere barbecue dining destination, Wood Ranch.



Every Wednesday, the Wood Ranch pit masters are serving up three all-new burnt ends dishes. There is a limited amount of burnt ends being prepared each week, so we recommend dining early before they are gone!


Once you’ve taken you seat inside of the plush family-friendly restaurant, start the meal off right with the new Sofia’s Elegante Margarita. The drink is “naturally skinny” with partida anejo tequilla that compliments the brunt ends perfectly.


After relaxing from a long day sipping on a refreshing margarita, we started our meal by trying something new at Wood Ranch. Since we always get the sliders, we mixed things up by starting our meal with their grilled balsamic shrimp. The shrimp had just the perfect amount of flavor without being too spicy for our kids. It came on a bed of their popular peanut coleslaw that complimented the shrimp perfectly.



The rolls? How could we dine at Wood Ranch without talking about their rolls? I warn that you can’t eat just one of these warm, soft rolls covered with melted garlic butter.


After we had settled in with our appetizers, it was time to go on an epicurean adventure by trying their burnt ends. We started with the traditional Wood Ranch burnt ends that was served with Carolina slaw and our choice of original, chipotle-cherry, or Habanero-Peach barbecue sauce of the side. The barbecue bites were packed with flavor and sure have a good kick. The Habanero-Peach barbecue sauce gave the delicious dish a whole new flavor that left me coming back for more.


Wood Ranch Burnt Ends

My husband’s favorite was the Burnt Ends sandwich. The burnt ends come piled high on top of a sesame-seed bun with Carolina slaw, pickles, sauce and a side dish. The slaw and the bread brought down the heat of the burnt ends making this a top choice for guests who might not care for a dish with a kick.


Burnt Ends sandwich

The #1 dish on the special menu that you’ll not want to miss is their Burnt Ends Macaroni and Cheese. If you’ve been to Wood Ranch before, then you already know how amazing their macaroni cheese is. Just imagine that plate of creamy dish made even better when topped with burnt end bites. The sauce from the burnt ends that blankets the bed of macaroni and cheese make this dish unforgettable.


Burnt Ends Macaroni and Cheese

What about the kids? Wood Ranch has one of the best kids meals offering kids plenty of food to fuel their growing bodies. My kids always get the same when dining at Wood Ranch with my older son ordering off their in-depth gluten-free menu. The kid’s meals offer steak, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and more. The options are plentiful to satisfy even the pickiest eater in your family.


Burnt Ends are at select Wood Ranch locations on Wednesday evenings for a limited-time. We dined at the Irvine location located at 57 Fortune Drive (Irvine Spectrum next to the movie theater).


Kids Grilled Cheese


Kids macaroni and cheese


Kids tri tip

Mark your calendars now to plan a family dining adventure next Wednesday at Wood Ranch!

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