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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Zov’s Gourmet Food To-Go Provides OC Families a Healthier Alternative to Fast Food

We dined as a guest of Zov’s


Cooking at home every night is not a reality for many families like myself. I find myself driving my kids all around town to their after-school sports and activities. If I happen to forget to put something in the slow cooker before leaving for the day, then we usually get stuck having to order dinner out. With my son having severe food allergies, we are very limited on the places that we can grab a quick meal. When I found out that Zov’s was offering gourmet food to-go, I couldn’t wait to order it for my family.




I ordered dinner to be picked-up the evening that I was returning home from a business trip. Ordering was simple, and pick-up was a breeze. When I came in the door from the airport with a bag full of freshly cooked food, my family was ecstatic. I didn’t have to worry about dragging the kids to a restaurant or spending the night in the kitchen cooking. I was able to sit down and spend intimate time with my family after being gone for a couple of days.


The meal (dinner for 4) was large enough for my family of five to eat, and we had enough leftovers for a second dinner the following night. The chicken was tender, juicy and paired wonderfully with a side of mashed potatoes and salad. While dining together as a family my kids asked, “can we order this dinner again?”


Zov’s new dinner to-go is a healthier alternative to fast food dining for families in Orange County. It is available at all Orange County Zov’s locations (Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach and Anaheim). Find your closest Zov’s contact information online.



Family dinner packages for parties of 2 & 4 which include chicken, choice of salad, choice of pasta, choice of sides & dinner rolls.

Dinner for 2 — $29
Dinner for 4 — $49

Entree (choose one)

Rotisserie Garlic Herb Chicken (half* whole**)
Rigatone Lamb Ragu
Marinated Chicken Kababs
Charmoula Pan Seared Salmon Medallions

Sides (choose two)

Olive oil mashed potatoes
Garlic sauteed seasonal vegetables
Traditional Greek Salad (w/ lemon herb vinaigrette)
Mixed Green Salad (w/ feta, tomato, cucumber, caper dressing)
Classic Rice Pilaf
Lentil Rice

Mezze Trio (add $10) (choose 3) (served with Pita Chips)

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