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ADYA’s 3rd Annual Curry Festival

ADYA Curry Festival

ADYA presents its 3rd Annual Curry Festival from Tuesday, March 28th through Monday, April 10th at its Anaheim and Irvine locations. The event will feature two weeks of special curries highlighting India’s regional culinary styles and providing guests with a delicious, in-depth look at India’s culinary diversity. The curries will feature ingredients and styles of cooking unique to each region, from coconut and curry leaves, to poppy seeds and mustard.

“Curry, in simplest terms, is a saucy dish flavored with a mix of different spices – the composition of these spices varies greatly among the regional cuisines native to India,” commented Chef Shachi, whose diverse menu of fresh Indian flavors features a variety of traditional curries. “As curries become increasingly popular, diners are beginning to realize that curry isn’t just Chicken Tikka Masala. My goal is to provide my guests with a better understanding of the defining factors of the different types of curries one can find in Indian regional cooking.”

ADYA will journey through India as guests are invited to explore various regional curries at its two locations. The following specials will be offered during ADYA’s Curry Festival and can be ordered a la carte or as a Thali (plate):

Tuesday, March 28th – Monday, April 3rd

ADYA ANAHEIM – Curries from Northern India
Masala Chawli: black eyed peas cooked with fenugreek and tomatoes
Dhaba-Style Chicken Curry: ‘roadside’ chicken curry with browned onions and turmeric
Nihari Gosht – fragrant lamb curry with saffron, rose water and cardamom

ADYA IRVINE – Curries from Southern India
Mixed Vegetable Avial: seasonal vegetables simmered in a ginger and coconut sauce
Chicken Chettinad: spicy chicken curry with onions, chilies and tamarind
Malabar Shrimp Curry: Kerala shrimp curry with mustard, curry leaves and coconut

Tuesday, April 4th – Monday, April 10th

ADYA ANAHEIM – Curries from Eastern India
Coconut Kofta Curry: a specialty from Orissa; chickpea and coconut koftas in a creamy onion tomato curry
Bengali-Style Lamb Curry: slow-cooked, spicy curry with yogurt, black pepper and red chilies
Assamese Fish Curry: a light, tangy curry with potatoes and cumin

ADYA IRVINE – Curries from Western India
Kadi Pakoda: Gujarati-style yogurt curry with gram flour dumplings
Pandhra Rasa: Maharastrian-style white chicken curry with cashews and coconut
Lamb Vindaloo: a Goan specialty; spicy lamb curry with red chilies and vinegar

*specials subject to change

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