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B. toffee Shareable Shake Recipe


Photo courtesy of B toffee

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, B. toffee will once again offer its B. mine Valentine’s gift set for lovers. The limited edition package features both milk chocolate and dark chocolate B. toffee, along with complimentary B. bits and a special recipe for a romantic B. toffee Shareable Shake that couples can make at home.

Each gift set comes with two 9-ounce canisters of B. toffee (one dark and one milk chocolate), one complimentary package of B. bits, recipe card and Valentine’s packaging, priced at $32 (plus tax and shipping, if applicable). To order, lovers should email [email protected] or call 949-722-9001.

B. toffee also offers customizable Valentine’s boxes for personal and corporate gifting. Orders of any size can be personalized with special sentiments or company logos! Owner Betsy Thagard’s handcrafted toffee is the perfect gift for any occasion and can be purchased online at

“B. toffee has always been about more than just great toffee – we strive to help individuals express sentiments like ‘I love you,’ and this Valentine’s Day, our ‘B. mine’ gift set and customizable packaging makes that even easier to do,” explained Betsy Thagard, who founded B. toffee in 2009 in Orange County. “I encourage creativity and love to witness the fun our many fans have with their gift giving – after all, that’s what B. toffee is all about!”


Photo courtesy of B toffee

B. toffee Shareable Shake

-2 cup vanilla ice cream
-2 shot espresso
-1/2 cup B. bits
-Lots of Love

Combine the vanilla ice cream and espresso shot in a blender until smooth. Pour into a tall glass. Stir in most of the B. bits, then top with the remaining toffee. Enjoy immediately.

Facts, recipes, quotes and photos courtesy of B. toffee

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