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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Best Kids Meals in Orange County at Kabuki

We dined as a guest of Kabuki

After spending a year living in Japan before getting married, I am always in search of authentic Japanese food in Orange County. I recently surprised the kids by taking them to lunch at Kabuki at the Irvine Spectrum for Japanese food.



From the moment that we walked into the restaurant we were swept into the Japanese culture. It is not just the food that makes a restaurant authentic as much as the staff, ambiance and overall feel when walking into a restaurant.



Gyoza dumplings

We started our lunch with a warm cup of green tea and the Gyoza dumplings. The dumplings come with a sweet sauce, small salad, and were lightly fried. It was a perfect prelude to our lunch.


Sushi kids meal


The highlight for families dining at Kabuki is their kids meals. Kabuki has created one of the best (and healthiest) kids meals in Orange County. All of their kids meals come with enough food for children to share or have plenty of leftovers to bring home. My older son ordered the sushi combination kids meal. The meal came with shrimp, egg, bean curd, three California rolls, rice and salad. The sushi was fresh and is a perfect dish to introduce your child to sushi for the first time. He was able to explore sushi with the wide variety of options.


Yaki soba kids meal

My daughter ordered the beef yaki soba noodles kids meal, and it was also a favorite for my younger picky eater. The Japanese style stir-fried noodles came with a generous helping with a large side salad, rice and three California rolls.


Chicken teriyaki and tempura kids meal

Parents won’t find fried chicken strips on the Kabuki kids menu. Instead, they offer a healthier and tastier option of grilled chicken teriyaki with shrimp and vegetable tempura. Your kids will never asked for fried chicken strips on a kid’s meal again after devouring this delicious dish at Kabuki.


Shrimp and vegetable tempura

Tempura! Tempura! Finding tempura cooked as good as I remember it in Japan has been a challenge for me. As one of my favorite Japanese dishes, I cannot resist ordering it at every Japanese restaurant.




I ordered the Samurai Deluxe lunch that came with shrimp and vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, three California rolls, soup and rice. The tempura was cooked perfectly bringing back memories of eating tempura in my favorite restaurant in Tokyo. The meal came with generous helpings of teriyaki beef and chicken, and could easily be shared between friends.



It was not just the food that I fell in love with at Kabuki, but also the kind, warm and attentive staff. The soft-spoken waitress was so kind and helpful with ordering the best choices for our lunch. Kabuki has won over my heart and is now my favorite place to get Japanese food in Orange County.


The kid’s meals at Kabuki range in prices from $6.50-7.50 and include your choice of soda, milk, fruit juice or calpico soda.


Kabuki is located at the Irvine Spectrum, just steps away from the movie theater.

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