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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Have Your Cupcake and Drink it Too with Cupshakes

We dined as a guest of Casey’s Cupcakes

Casey’s Cupcakes is putting a whole new twist on the traditional cupcake with their cupshakes. Now cupcake loves can have their cupcake and drink it too! Guests are invited to select their favorite cupcake flavor and then have it magically transformed into a rich and delicious “cupcake” milkshake.



The options are endless with this new sweet treat at our favorite OC cupcake shop. When celebrating my son’s birthday last month, we ended the celebration by ordering “cupshakes” to take with us to enjoy on our way home. My son took the cookies and cream cupcake and had them turn it into a cookies and cream flavored milk shake that was delectably delicious.



The cupshake doesn’t taste like a traditional milkshake. It has the sweet flavors of the cupcake along with the rich flavors of the ice cream.  When we had our cupshake it was like we were eating a cupcake for the first time, and is now one of our favorite things to order when visiting Casey’s Cupcakes.


Transform your favorite Casey’s Cupcake into a “cupshake” and enjoy this ultimate sweet treat.


The cupshake is normally $4.95, but for a limited-time is priced at $3.95 (including the cost of the cupcake). If your kids want to get the souvenir cup with their cupshake it is priced at $10.


Casey’s Cupcakes has locations in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Riverside and Irvine. We dined at the Woodbury Town Center location at 6258 Irvine Boulevard in Irvine. To reserve a birthday party, please contact the store at 949-333-2228.

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