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CUPS Frozen Yogurt Introduces New Candy Bar

CUPS Frozen Yogurt Introduces New Candy Bar

CUPS Frozen Yogurt in Westminster, just introduced a new candy bar station, making their store just a little more sweeter. In addition to 24 yogurt flavors, 50 toppings and 3 sauces, CUPS is rolling out CUPS Candy Bar – a designated candy section selling bulk candy for 59 cents an ounce. Offering between 40 and 60 different candy varieties, options include Gummy Bears, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Lemonheads, Chocolate Peanuts, NERDS and more than a dozen Jelly Belly varieties.

CUPS Frozen Yogurt
“CUPS was designed to be different from an everyday yogurt bar or ice cream shop. It’s more of a club-like experience. We pump out club dance music at volumes that create a highly energetic vibe,’ said Rick Barbrick, CUPS co-founder. “And what’s a club without a bar? CUPS Candy Bar offers guests another reason to come in and experience what CUPS is all about.”

CUPS Frozen Yogurt is located inside of the Westminster Mall at 1025 Westminster Mall in Westminster.

Facts, quotes and photos provided by CUPS Frozen Yogurt.

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