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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Gourmet Family-Friendly Dining at EATS Kitchen & Bar

We dined as a guest of the venue

One of the last places I would have expected to find gourmet dining was at a local hotel. Hotel Irvine has transformed to become a hot spot for families to gather for good food, entertainment, and relaxation. While staying at Hotel Irvine earlier this month, we had dinner at the popular dining destination, EATS Kitchen & Bar.



Once we took our seats in the family-friendly restaurant, and were about to embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure. We couldn’t help but start our dinner with the chicken and biscuits. This starter was the highlight of our meal at EATS with the kids gobbling up every bite. The fried chicken was served with buttermilk biscuits, sriracha butter, and country gravy. The dish has left everyone in our family wanting to come back for more.



The food at EATS inspired our kids to step outside of their comfort zone and take their first bites of pork belly buns. The kids fell head over heels in love with the pork belly buns at EATS that were served with kimchi and grilled Niman Ranch pork belly inside of a steamed bun.



Since we didn’t expect the kids to eat all of the pork belly buns and chicken and biscuits, we ordered them the mushroom flatbread and pork belly macaroni and cheese for their starters. While I have never been a big fan of mushrooms, the caramelized onions and truffle cheese gave the mushrooms a whole new flavor that I’ve never experienced. The flatbread paired with the pork belly macaroni and cheese put us in pure cheese bliss. It was like having macaroni and cheese for the first time with house-smoked Niman Ranch pork belly, fusilli, and a four cheese ipa sauce.




For the main dish, my husband savored every bite of the chef’s beef blend barbecue burger. The mouthwatering burger was topped with bacon, fried onion rings, house-made barbecue sauce and paired with crispy french fries. The melt in your mouth burger was one of the best in Orange County and guaranteed to be hit with burger lovers.



With carbonara being one of my favorite pasta dishes, my heart was won with the Grana Padano cream sauce used to make the carbonara at EATS. The fettuccine was served al dente and topped with bacon lardons and a perfectly cooked egg.


If you’ve been following our culinary journey as a family then you probably already know that our daughter Ella is a steak and brie aficionado. She savored every bite of the hangar steak served with purple potato puree and roasted garlic demi-glaze. The steak was cooked to perfection and was tender and juicy.


Finally, our oldest son explored his taste buds with the lamb gnocchi paired with heirloom carrots, fried kale, gremolata, feta and spiced granola. Due to his food allergies he ordered the dish without the spiced granola but it didn’t take away from the bold flavor profile of this dish.


Before ending our evening relaxing in our plush Hotel Irvine hotel room, we ended our meal with the apple tacos. Every bite of the tacos was dreamy that were made with phyllo, apple jam, streusel and salted caramel.


Your family will have an unforgettable dining experience at EATS Kitchen & Bar located inside of Hotel Irvine. Make plans for a family staycation or dinner adventure today.


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