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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

It’s All About the French Toast at IHOP

We dined as a guest of IHOP

The moment that I found out about the return of the Brioche French Toast at IHOP, I couldn’t wait to come in and try the dishes out for myself. Before I could get a chance to come in and try the Brioche French Toast at IHOP, my husband and kids beat me to it by making a trip when I was out of town. The moment that I returned from my trip – all the kids could talk about was the epic breakfast they had with their dad at IHOP.


The Brioche French Toast was first introduced to French Toast lovers two years ago at IHOP, and this year they brought back the popular Classic Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast! It came with sliced bananas caramelized in a buttery sugar glaze and topped with classic New Orleans Foster’s sauce. It was also a favorite to my younger son who couldn’t resist ordering seconds when dining out.


My daughters top pick was the Strawberry Creme Brioche French Toast. The sweet breakfast dish came topped with cool glazed strawberries, a dollop of sour creme with a brown sugar drizzle. It was love at first bite and one of her new favorite dishes at IHOP.


With apple pie being my husband’s favorite dessert, I wasn’t surprised to hear that his taste buds were tantalized with the Caramel Apple Brioche French Toast. The French toast came topped with sliced apples, drizzled with a rich caramel sauce and served with a warm vanilla sauce. It was just like eating dessert for breakfast.

Wondering how Brioche is different from traditional French toast? It is made by soaking a thick piece of Brioche bread into a lightly sweetened vanilla batter and then grilled to perfection. Brioche is a “cake-like” bread because of the aged butter, eggs and milk dating back to the 15th Century in France.

Now that the Brioche french toast at IHOP is kid-approved, I can’t wait to return with them to enjoy some for myself before it’s gone on May 31st. Find your closest IHOP location online.

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