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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Magical Dinner at Quinn’s Old Town Grill

We dined as a guest of Quinn’s

Quinn’s Old Town Grill is a family-friendly Irish pub with comforting food, festive ambiance and Wednesday night magic shows. Quinn’s Old Town Grill is one of the first Irish pubs that I have dined at that caters to families, couples and singles alike.

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Our family dined at Quinn’s for the first time last month during their Wednesday night magic hours. When our family stepped into the festive restaurant, we were immersed into the feeling of dining at a pub right off the cobblestone streets in Dublin.


Within moments after we sat together in the plush leather booth, Stryker (the magician) came to our table for a magical magic show. He got the kids involved in a close-up magic show right at our table getting them excited about magic like they’ve never been before.


While Stryker was entertaining our family, we were enjoying two appetizers. I cannot ever resist pot stickers, and when I saw it on the menu, I could not wait to see what an Irish pub would do with an Asian-inspired appetizer. The dumplings came stuffed with spinach and chicken with a dipping sauce. The dumplings were fried to perfection with the perfect amount of seasoning that left me incredibly impressed.


For our son with food allergies, we ordered the prime steak skewers. The skewers came with large pieces of steak with bell peppers and onions. The skewers were served with a peppercorn sauce that was not even needed. The steak was prepared to the perfect temperature, and my son indulged in every bite of this tasty appetizer.


The kid’s menu at Quinn’s has fun Irish facts, word search and coloring. All of the kid’s meals are reasonably priced at $6.95, and includes a drink and dessert. My son ordered the macaroni and cheese that came with the choice of french fries or carrot sticks.



My little Irish girl had the luck of the Irish with the Leprechaun sliders kids meal. The soft bun came filled with a mini burger covered with melted cheese. While she got lucky with the sliders, my youngest son had the Sammy’ grilled cheese sandwich.


There are not many restaurants in Orange County where we can order beef stroganoff, and the stroganoff at Quinn’s is the closest that I have found to my moms famous dish. I ordered it light on the mushrooms and stirred in all of the sour cream before eating. The soft egg noodles mixed with the sauce, and I was in heaven.


While I was in pure bliss with the stroganoff, my husband ordered the fish and chips. Three large pieces of breaded cod came on top of a mountain of steak fries with cole slaw. The tender pieces of cod were delicately fried with just the right amount of crunch with every bite.


Once we were done dining, Stryker returned to our table for one last magic show before our evening was about to come to an end. The kids giggled with delight as he got them involved in the show, and left them eager to return for more magic at Quinn’s. Quinn’s Old Town Grill is a magical gem of Orange County where families can come together to create unforgettable memories over delicious food with fantastic entertainment.

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Quinn’s Old Town Grill is located at 405 El Camino Real in Tustin. Reservations are recommended for the Wednesday night magic nights by calling 714-731-2263.


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