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Dining Guide for Families in Orange County

Miner’s Diner in Julian

Miner's Diner Menu

During our day trip to Julian, we had an incredible experience doing the mining tour together as a family. Our kids had worked up quite a big appetite after the tour, and we walked to downtown Julian for some lunch. It was a holiday weekend, and the streets of Julian were crowded with hundreds of people. Every restaurant had more than an hour wait, but we knew that there was not any other restaurant in the area for at least a 45-minute drive outside of Julian, so we waited the hour wait to have lunch at the popular Miner’s Diner.

Soda Bar at Miner's Diner

Once we took a seat at our table, we felt like we had been swept into a different era. There were people having dessert at the soda fountain bar, children bringing up candy to purchase from the candy shop and lots of laughter throughout the restaurant.

Condiments in Miner's Diner

Enjoying lunch at Miner's Diner in Julian

After we had ordered our lunch, our kids kept leaving the table to explore the candy store. Their sweet tooth couldn’t resist all the delicious treasures hidden in the candy mine. But, it wasn’t long before our lunch arrived, so we came together as a family to enjoy our meal.

Buffalo Burger at Miner's Diner

For the first time, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried the buffalo burger. I was nervous about the thought of eating a buffalo, but one of my New Year’s resolutions to try new things, so I took a bite. At first, I thought that it tasted just like a traditional burger, but then I took a bite of my husbands regular burger, and I could honestly taste the difference. The burger had a lot more flavor than the traditional burger, and I would order a buffalo burger over a regular burger again any day.

Chicken Nuggets

The kids ordered their normal chicken and fries with my youngest insisting on getting a burger while eating at a traditional diner. Finally, we ended lunch by sharing two servings of their famous apple pie with a large helping of vanilla ice cream on top. The pie was the highlight of our dining experience and left us craving more.

Apple Pie in Julian

Having a late lunch at the Miner’s Diner was the perfect end to our family day in Julian. If your family plans a visit to this historic town, don’t miss creating fun memories at the Miner’s Diner in Julian. It is located at 2134 Main St, Julian, CA 92036.

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