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Ultimate Meatball Subs at Philly’s Best


Philly's Best Aliso Viejo

Finding a delicious meatball sub is not easy around Orange County. The meatballs are either too crispy or too soggy and rarely ever ‘just right’. When I heard the news that Philly’s Best had introduced a new meatball sub, I couldn’t resist going to try it out. Over the weekend, I brought my biggest meatball critic, my Italian husband to put the meatball sub to the test.

Philly's Best restaurant

When I first walked into the empty restaurant, it didn’t feel promising. The staff was not the friendliest, and one staff member seemed to be a little ‘put out’ by having to leave his television show he was watching from one of the tables to place our order. After we had placed our order for a meatball sub, and cheesesteak sandwich, he placed the order and went back to feeling at home while watching television.

Philly's Best Meatball Sub

From the moment that the meatball sub sunk into our tastebuds, it was pure bliss. The meatballs were cooked to perfection, and flavoring was spot on to what we had hoped. It had the perfect amount of meatballs vs. cheese inside of a warm hoagie bun.

Philly's Best Cheesesteak Sub

When it came to the cheesesteak sandwich, it was everything that one can expect from Philly’s Best. Freshly cooked thinly sliced steak, melted cheese, and a soft, warm bun. The flavors reminded me of the last time I was in Philadelphia eating a cheesesteak on Market Street in Old City. The only thing that was missing was some grilled onions and the neon lights from the Philly deli.

Philly's Best restaurant decorations

If you’re seeking some Philly flavors, then Philly’s Best is the place to go. The meatball sub won’t disappoint, and the cheesesteak is one that you’ll not want to miss. Find your closest Philly’s Best location online.

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