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Veggie Grill New Winter Menu



Veggie Grill is one of my favorite places to get a Kale salad. I always find myself ordering either the All Hail Kale or Savory Kale Salad when dining at Veggie Grill. This coming Wednesday, November 27th, Veggie Grill will begin serving some savory all-new winter dishes. We went to Veggie Grill this morning, to try the new Winter Menu, and to share what you’ll not want to miss eating when dining at Veggie Grill this Winter.


Bombay Bowl

My favorite addition to the new menu is their bowls. They are large, full of vegetables, and the best part – they come topped with my ultimate favorite hemp seeds. My all-time favorite bowl was the gluten-free Bombay Bowl. This dish has a little kick with its cilantro curry sauce with coconut milk. The dish has a large amount of herb-roasted vegetables, super grains, steamed kale, cannellini beans, almonds and hemp seeds.


Harvest Bowl

The second bowl that is added to their menu is the Harvest Bowl. It comes packed with herb-roasted vegetables, Field Roast Sausage, super grains, porcini mushrooms, miso gravy and hemp seeds. It is a very filling and comforting winter dish that is perfect to enjoy on a chilly winter evening.


Mexi-Mini Wrap


Buffalo Mini Wrap

For those who are looking for a quick bite to-go that can even be eaten in the car is their new Mini Wraps. The wraps are reasonably priced at $3.50 each, and when paired with a side of herb-roasted vegetables, could make a filling and healthy meal. There is the Buffalo-Mini made with their ever popular buffalo chicken, and the Mexi-Mini with a taco blend, Mexican spices, avocado, lettuce and spicy sauce. The Mexi-Mini will have you saying “ole!” before heading out the door.


BBQ Tempeh Plate

Tempeh is one of my favorite dishes but is so hard to find it served well. Veggie Grill is introducing their new BBQ Tempeh Plate that comes with Organic blackened tempeh, caramelized onions, house-made BBQ sauce, super grains and coleslaw. The Tempeh was nice and crispy – just the way I like it. The only thing I omitted from enjoying were the grilled onions.


Quinoa Power Salad

The hit of the new Winter menu is clearly the introduction of their new Quinoa Power Salad. It comes with Quinoa, kale, avocado, fresh fennel, cannellini beans, carrots, almonds, currants, mint, and hemp seeds topped with a refreshing citrus dressing. This salad is perfect for those looking for a refreshing, light meal – especially after a heavy holiday dinner.


Herb-Roasted Vegetables

Veggie Grill has 100% plant based food available at locations throughout Orange County. Find your closest Veggie Grill online to begin enjoying their new Winter menu starting on November 27th.

Veggie Grill on UrbanspoonWe attended a media tasting of the new Winter Menu as a guest of Veggie Grill. All images are property of OC Mom Dining, and can be used only with permission.

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